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Chase: Showdown update 6.0 has dropped, and the new manager looks rather tough

Nothing in the narrows is cuddly. We’ve heard even the rabbits are somewhat grouchy. In Hunt: Showdown however, things are otherworldly rather than realistic.The new update is no exemption. It conveys another beast to battle while additionally fighting with other players.Called the Assassin, he looks somewhat like a “shriveled mummy” secured with mud, but at the same time there’s bugs. Parcels and bunches of bugs with this guy.Alongside the new manager comes six new weapons, another book of legend, and three new qualities. Two of the characteristics will help when managing the dead. The third enables you to recover stamina as you lose health.Full fix notes for the 6.0 update can be found on the diversion’s Steam page.Available on PC, Xbox One players can anticipate Hunt: Showdown when it arrives on Game Preview his spring.

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