Ubisoft is prodding an uncover or some likeness thereof, and many trust the bother is for another Ghost Recon game

The bother comes as an Easter Egg contained in the Operation Oracle content drop for Ghost Recon Wildlands.As noted by YouTuber coreross, a challenge to go to a gathering for the anecdotal association Skell Technology shows up in Operation Oracle.This welcome to “Shell Con” happens on May 9, 2019 at 11.30am PDT, 2.30pm EDT, 7.30 BST, 8.30 CEST. That is one week from now, right?Whatever the case, something will be reported come May 9. We’ll keep our eyes stripped, however the bother could likewise be for another Splinter Cell amusement (much obliged, PCgamesN).A new Splinter Cell has been reputed or alluded to in some structure since mid-2018.First, there were the notorious Amazon and Walmart releases; at that point Sam Fisher himself showed up in Wildlands’ Special Operation 1 back in April a year ago; lastly, Ubisoft’s supervisor said Splinter Cell would return, yet there was not something to be announced.You never know with Ubisoft, so again, we’ll keep our eyes peeled.Here’s a secret for Shell Technology Ubisoft discharged back in December, which flaunts the anecdotal organization’s automaton innovation. On the off chance that you hit that connect, it will take you to the “official”website for the organization, which additionally has the May 9 welcome posted.