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Friendship Shayari or Dosti shayari in Hindi 2019

CUTE LOVE SHAYARI इक झलक जो मुझे आज तेरी मिल गयी, मुझे फिर से आज जीने की वजह मिल गयी ROMANTIC LOVE SHAYARI किसी को प्यार इतना देना की हद न रहे पर ऐतबार भी इतना करना की शक न रहे वफ़ा इतना करना की बेवफाई न रहे और दुवा इतना करना की जुदाई न […]

Good Dard Bhari Shayari Hindi Me 2019 | दर्द भरी हिन्दी शायरी

दर्द की इन्तहा न समझाओ दर्द बे इन्तहा भी होते हैं Dard Ki Inteha Na Samjhao Dard Be Inteha Bhi Hote Hain सुनो दर्द पूछ कर नहीं आते कुछ आस्क सभाल रखा हूँ Suno Dard Pooch Kar Nahin Aate Kuch Ask Sabhal Rakha Hun शायरी वो लोग करते हैं जनाब जिनकी आँखों में दर्द रोटा […]

Dard Bhari Shayari In English Hindi Font|दुख भरी शायरी

हमें तामीर के धोखे में रखकर हमारे ख्वाब चुनवाये गए हैं 🙁 Hamen Taameer Ke Dhokhe Mein Rakhakar Hamaare Khvaab Chunavaaye Gae Hain 🙁 अब ये हसरत है कि सीने से लगाकर तुझको इस कदर रोऊँ की आंसू आ जाये Ab Ye Hasarat Hai Ki Seene Se Lagaakar Tujhako Is Qadar Rooon Kee Aansoo Aa […]

Here we are as before, Destiny 2 people

Xur is back.Xur has restored for this present week to Destiny 2, and his Exotic load this week highlights two arrangements of leg defensive layer, gauntlets, and a submachine gun.His stock this week is practically indistinguishable to the seven day stretch of March 22. We needed to complete a twofold take to ensure we didn’t […]

The Humble Store is putting forth supporters Call of Duty

Black Ops 4 – Battle Edition as part o June’s Humble Monthly.Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Battle Edition is only one of the titles Humble Monthly endorsers will get in June. The Battle Edition incorporates multiplayer and Blackout  modes, yet not Zombies.It is playable now and incorporates and outfit for all Specialists, and […]

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is out of beta and now accessible through early access

After a limited early get to beta on iOS and Android, Bethesda has made The Elder Scrolls: Blades open to all.The most recent fix is likewise accessible and alongside adjusting and bug fixes, the update streamlined the controls and included new jobs.It additionally removed the sign in requirement,and added support for more devices.The update has appeared to […]

Anger 2 bolsters uncapped framerates on PC, alongside two

Anger 2 bolsters uncapped framerates on PC, alongside two or three other welcome features.Bethesda declared that Rage 2 has authoritatively gone gold on all stages, including PC. Exceptional consideration seems to have been paid to the PC variant, and the distributer uncovered the full rundown of necessities to boot.For starters, Rage 2 includes a FOV […]

EA adds classic Battlefront other Star Wars classics

EA has refreshed the Origin Access Vault with a large group of great Star Wars games.The feature is, obviously, the 2005 Battlefront 2. In spite of being almost 15 years of age, Pandemic’s Battlefront 2 is broadly considered among the best Star Wars multiplayer games.When the 2017 Battlefront 2 disillusioned fans, many returned to the […]